1941 Nursery property purchased by the Wade family.
1983 The first 4 Hectares of avocado orchard planted on Maunu’s rich volcanic soils.
1988 Lynwood Avocado Nursery starts producing trees.
2000 Commenced trialling of clonal rootstock production.
2001 More than 10,000 trees are produced.
2004 Implementation of fully documented High Health Scheme.
2008 Stephen Wade takes over as chairman of the NZ Avocado Nurseryman’s Association.
2008 Lynwood wins Ballance Farm Environment Horticulture Award.
2009 Lynwood production passes 30,000 trees.
2010 Lynwood secures the right to propagate Dusa and Latas clonal rootstocks.
2013 Lynwood secures the right to propagate Bounty clonal rootstocks.
2014 Lynwood licensed to propagate Gem.
2015 Lynwood licensed to propagate Maluma Hass and Carmen Hass.
2015 Lynwood production passes 70,000 trees.
2016 Lynwood production passes 100,000 trees.
2017 Lynwood wins two Ballance Farm Enviroment Awards, for Innovation and Water Management.
2017 Lynwood production passes 150,000 trees.
2017 Lynwood licensed to propagate SR1 clonal rootstocks.