Please email your order to orders@lynwood.co.nz

Ultimately we need to know:
1 A Contact Name
2 Your Trading Name if Applicable
3 Delivery Address
4 Contact Phone Number(s)
5 Property P-Pin – Issued by the AIC and absolutely necessary before the delivery of Protected Plant Material, as on Clonal Root-stock.
6 Does your property;
* have Room for a Truck & Trailer, if one Arrives with your Trees
* a Forklift Available to Unload Trees loaded in a ‘Picking-Bin’
7 Your Order … Including desired Delivery Year & Month
* Clonal? Seedling? Root-stock? Pollinisers? Quantities of each? Tree Spacing’s?
* We will be happy to discuss all your needs once we have established contact.
* We have always had a long wait time due to demand, but are now happy to say that is almost a thing of the past. You can order now for delivery spring next year.

Get in Touch with us Now … and Lets Find out what the Situation Really is. We look forward to hearing from you.