Any of the following fruiting scions can be grafted to any of the rootstocks.

Fruting Scions

  • Hass (fruiting)
  • Reed (fruiting)
  • Bacon (pollinizer)
  • Zutano (pollinizer)
  • Ettinger (pollenizer)
  • Fuerte (fruiting and pollenizer)
  • Edranol (pollenizer)
  • Vista (pollenizer)
  • Maluma Hass (protected plant material)
  • Carmen Hass (protected plan material)
  • Gem (protected plant material)

Seedling Rootstock

  • Zutano

Clonal Rootstock

  • Dusa (protected plant material)
  • Bounty¬†(protected plant material)
  • Latas¬†(protected plant material)
  • SR1 (protected plant material)
  • Duke 7

Protected plant material is only available to members of NZAGA and a non propagation agreement must be completed.